Completely turnkey, we open legal entities, bank accounts and issue a residence permit in Switzerland.
With subsequent maintenance by a Swiss accounting firm.
For medium and large businesses. And also for those who have decided to live and work in a developed European country with a stable economy.
Business in Switzerland.
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We support you at all stages of registration of a legal entity in Switzerland.
We will prepare and execute the necessary documents.
We will help you find the CEO.
We will provide the registered address.
We will contact the bank.
We will register the company with a notary.
Заверим и утвердим документы.
We will certify and approve the documents.
We will send the documents to the bank for a contribution to the authorized capital.
We will register the company in the Commercial Register.
We will open an account of a legal entity.
We will check the counterparties and the beneficiary.
We will help you make a business plan.
Leave a request and we will contact you answering all your questions.
Leave a request and we will contact you answering all your questions.
Starting a legal entity.
Search for an employment agreement.
Search for a Swiss university to study at.
Payment of a lump sum tax.
We issue a residence permit in Switzerland.
We will help you get a residence permit in Switzerland in several ways:
Switzerland is the ideal country for doing business.
With the world's highest nominal adult wealth.
Confidentiality of financial information.
Absence of currency control.
Most reliable banking system in the world.
Leave a request and we will contact you answering all your questions.
Switzerland's leading position in the world.
It is one of the most economically developed countries.
In the top 10 best pension systems.
One of the highest salary levels.
2nd place in terms of GDP per capita.
In the top 10 countries for security.
One of the most important financial centres.
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Credibility and reliability in the international market.
Reasonable amount of taxation.
No corruption.
Stable economy and solid currency.
Avoidance of double taxation.
Developed infrastructure.
Transparent and reliable legal system.
Leave a request and we will contact you answering all your questions.
Confidentiality of financial information.
  • It is very difficult to get access to protected data about the identity of depositors or the history of their accounts. Government authorities, especially those of other countries, need to prove that the client of financial institutions committed dangerous criminal offenses. An exception can be made for Interpol if the motivated appeal of this organization contains information about proven money laundering. A tax evasion charge is not enough to violate confidentiality in Switzerland. In Switzerland, it is not considered a criminal offense, but only an administrative offense.

  • The Swiss Parliament has enshrined provisions on bank secrecy in the country's constitution. Bankers who violate the rules can not only go to jail, but will also be required to pay damages and be subject to a large fine. The secret of the deposit remains in force even after the client's account is closed. Bank secrecy is not limited in time.

  • The investigation authorities of foreign countries cannot directly contact the Swiss bank. To obtain the requested information, they will need a decision of the Swiss court. The offence committed by the violator must be subject to Swiss criminal law. Otherwise, in response to the request of law enforcement officers, a refusal will follow.
Most reliable banking system in the world.
The high level of reliability and stability of Swiss banks is protected by the regulatory system and the legislation of the country with the assistance of the state. The system of banks operation is designed so that they can practically not go bankrupt. This means that customers can not worry about the safety of their funds. Swiss banks are trusted with their deposits by the richest and most famous people on the planet. According to unofficial statistics, a third of all funds held in offshore accounts around the world are stored in the accounts of financial organizations of the country. Thus, the amount of deposits exceeds $ 2 trillion.
Reasonable amount of taxation.
  • The three levels — federal, cantonal, and municipal — have different tax rates.
  • The average corporate income tax rate in Switzerland in 2021 is 24.41%. In particular, the federal budget receives about 8.5%. 
  • The federal personal income tax varies from 0% to 11.5% (plus the base tax). 
  • The tax rate on dividends is 35%. 
  • VAT is 7.7%.
  • Taxes on the wages of individuals are withheld by about 30%.
Currency control is a set of administrative measures aimed at limiting the export and encouraging the return of foreign currency funds to the country.
Obtaining a residence permit for business activity requires the Applicant to invest at least 1,000,000 euro in the business.
For non-EU citizens, the annual minimum lump-sum tax starts at 250,000 CHF.
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