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Briefly about us and the principles of work

ESITO company is at the market of accounting services since 2008. Every accountant of our company has a higher financial education and experience, occupying the position of chief accountant in various fields for more than 10 years.

Each employee is responsible for his/her work, and therefore it is executed impeccably.

We do everything that is necessary for the legal entity or natural person – entrepreneur, we count, report, recommend, register, close, make, WARRANT AND BEAR RESPONSIBILITY!

We work to keep your business safe and for you to have more free time.

Main arguments to work with us
  1. We make everything with a HIGH QUALITY within the legal framework with the maximum benefit for your business.
  2. We are always in touch and able to OPERATE to solve your tasks.
  3. We bear financial responsibility.
  4. Our services are cheaper than the services of regular accountant.
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  • High level and quality of services
    We carry out all work clearly in accordance with the Legislation
  • Experience, responsibility of specialists
    Guarantee and FINANCIAL liability.
  • Always in touch
    We solve your tasks quickly
Distant accounting services of Your company

The price of accounting outsourcing is calculated individually and depends on the following factors:

  • The number of employees and their way of their employment, type of taxation.
  • Number of accounting transactions.
  • Whether there is a cash register and how many cash transactions are performed.
  • Whether there is international economic activity.
  • What is the amount of document management.

In general, prices are:

  • For legal entities start from 2000 UAH
  • For natural persons - entrepreneurs start from 800 UAH

Consulting – is counseling of managers, managers on a wide range of issues in the field of financial, commercial, legal, technological, technical, expert activities. The purpose of the consulting is to help the management system (management) achieve the stated goals.

Legal services

Legal services and accounting are closely linked, there are a large number of situations that can not be solved without the cooperation of specialists of both branches. Here is a list of the most widespread legal services: registration of enterprises, natural persons - entrepreneurs, closing of enterprises, natural persons - entrepreneurs, development of contracts.

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